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Hair Colouring Accessories

Get the most out of your hair dye with our range of hair colouring accessories and tools.

  • Reusable tools to save waste
  • High quality, for better results
Water Colour Hair Dye Applicator Bottle - Gentle Hair Dye Accessories
Water Colour Applicator Bottle
$0.68    more info...
Straw eco friendly reusable tint bowl - Gentle Hair Dying Accessories
Eco Tint Bowl (Straw)
$6.68    more info...
Eco Friendly Straw Tint Brush - Gentle Hair Colouring Accessories
Eco Tint Brush (Straw)
$3.98    more info...
Black Tint Bowl - Gentle Hair Dye Accessories
Tint Bowl (Black)
$4.39    more info...
Black Long Tail Tint Brush - Gentle Hair Dying Accessories
Long Tail Tint Brush (Black)
$3.04    more info...
Head Jog Ocean Hair Brush
Ocean Hair Brush
$13.50    more info...
monochrome Head Jog Straw Detangling Brushes
Eco Detangling Hair Brush - Monochrome Collection
$13.50    more info...
Pastel Head Jog Detangling Straw Brushes
Eco Detangling Hair Brush - Pastel Collection
$13.50    more info...
Cocoa Coconut Natural Hair Brush - Gentle Hair Colouring Accessories
Coconut Hair Brush - Cocoa
$13.50    more info...
Eco Friendly Natural Cream Head Jog Coconut Hair Brush - Gentle Hair Dye Accessories
Coconut Hair Brush - Cream
$13.50    more info...
Head Jog C7 Pin Tail Comb - Gentle Hair Dying Accessories
Pin Tail Comb
$5.40    more info...
Eco Friendly Natural Straw Whale Hair Clip - Head Jog Hair Clip
Straw Whale Clip
$6.75    more info...
Large Hair Sectioning Clips - Gentle Hair Colouring Accessories
$9.45    more info...
Eco Friendly Hairdressing Gown for Hair Dying | Gentle Hair Dye Accessories and Tools
Eco-friendly Gown
$21.60    more info...
All1Clean Hair Colour Remover Wipes - Hair Dye Remover Wipes | Gentle Hair Dye
Colour Remover Wipes
$9.45    more info...

Questions & Answers

How do I apply Water Colour hair dye?

Simply add warm water, shake and apply.

Water Colour natural hair colours can be used as a Semi, Demi, or Permanent hair colour by adjusting your application of the hair colour (shown below).

  • Semi-permanent: Apply to damp hair. (Lasts up to 8 washes. No grey coverage).
  • Demi-permanent: Apply to well towel-dried hair. (Lasts up to 12 washes and covers up to 50% grey).
  • Quasi-Permanent: Apply to dry hair. (Creates a more permanent tint which lasts 18 washes or more and colours up to 100% grey).

Full instructions are included with every order, or you can click here to download the instruction leaflet.

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