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Alice England hair care - natural hair care products

NEW: Alice England Hair Care

Say 'Hello' to our new range of natural shampoos and conditioners from Alice England.

The ethos behind Alice's hair care products is to choose simple base formulas, adding only what is necessary, and then to harness the power of plants to nurture and nourish hair.

In brief...

  • Simple base formulas, enriched by plants
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • Paraben and SLS Free
  • Recyclable Packaging

Sensitive skin and scalp?
Whilst all the products below are gentle, the Sensitive pair could be the perfect match for you.

Lengthen and Strengthen Shampoo - Rosemary oil shampoo for hair growth
Lengthen & Strengthen Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Lengthen and Strengthen repairing conditioner for damaged hair
Lengthen & Strengthen Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
Moisture Injection Shampoo - Vegan moisturising shampoo for dry hair
Moisture Injection Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Moisturising conditioner for dry hair with avocado oil and coconut oil
Moisture Injection Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
sensitive body and hair shampoo for sensitive scalp and sensitive skin
Sensitive Hair and Body Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Sensitive hair conditioner for sensitive skin and sensitive scalp
Sensitive Hair Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
Soothe and Grow shampoo - nettle shampoo UK
Soothe & Grow Shampoo
$13.13   more info...
Soothe and Grow Conditioner - Lavender, Nettle and Rosemary Conditioner for itchy scalp
Soothe & Grow Conditioner
$15.00   more info...
for Vegans