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Water Colour Hair Dyes - Ammonia and PPD Free Natural Hair Colours with Gentle Hair Dye

Water Colour Hair Dye

Boasting an exciting range of 37 rich, natural hair colours, Water Colour has been our best-selling hair colour for over ten years now.

Its gentle formula is free from PPD, Ammonia and Henna. What's more, Water Colour hair dye contains no active bleaching agents and is both cruelty free and vegan.

It's so easy to use - simply add water, shake and apply.

In brief...

  • Free from Ammonia, PPD and Henna
  • Choice of 37 natural hair colours
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • Lasts up to 28 washes
  • 60 to 75 minute application time

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Colour Chart

Because Water Colour Hair Dye is free from harsh chemicals it won't lighten your hair. It is ideal for grey hair coverage or for darkening light hair. The hair colour samples below are the approximate shade when applied to white hair.

Best for stubborn grey
Water Colour Pale Neutral Ash Blonde Hair Colour - Blonde PPD Free Hair Dye
Pale Neutral Ash Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Pale Natural Soft Blonde Hair Dye
Pale Natural Soft Blonde
5 for £53
Palest Soft Gold Blonde Hair Dye - Gold Blonde Water Colour Hair Colour
Palest Soft Gold Blonde
SHADE 9/03
5 for £53
Neutral Mid Ash Blonde Water Colour Hair Dye- Blonde Ammonia Free Hair Dye
Neutral Mid Ash Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Natural Mid Blonde Hair Colour - PPD free hair dye
Natural Mid Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Mid Soft Golden Blonde Hair Dye - PPD free hair dye
Mid Soft Golden Blonde
SHADE 8/03
5 for £53
Natural Mid Golden Blonde Water Colour Hair Dye - Golden Blonde Henna Free Hair Dye
Natural Mid Golden Blonde
5 for £53
PPD Free Mid Golden Copper Blonde Hair Dye - Copper Blonde Water Colour Hair Dye
Mid Golden Copper Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Neutral Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colour UK
Neutral Dark Ash Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Natural Darkest Blonde Hair Dye UK - Ammonia free hair dye for grey hair
Natural Darkest Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Hair Dye - PPD free Natural Dark Warm Blonde Hair Colour
Natural Dark Warm Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Hair Colour Sycamore - Radiant Golden Copper Hair Dye
Sycamore - Radiant Golden Copper
SHADE 7/43
5 for £53
Water Colour Radiant Red Hot Chilli Hair Dye
Radiant Red Hot Chilli
SHADE 7/44
5 for £53
Water Colour Dark Copper Blonde Hair Colour - Ammonia free hair dye blonde
Dark Copper Blonde
5 for £53
Water Colour Copper Beech Hair Dye - Radiant Rich Copper Hair Colour
Copper Beech - Radiant Rich Copper
5 for £53
Water Colour Neutral Lightest Ash Brown Hair Dye - henna free hair dye
Neutral Lightest Ash Brown
5 for £53
Ammonia Free Natural Lightest Brown Watercolour Hair Dye
Natural Lightest Brown
5 for £53
Natural Light Brown Water Colour Hair Dye
Natural Light Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Lightest Warm Brown Hair Colours UK
Lightest Warm Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Lightest Chestnut Brown Hair Dyes UK
Lightest Chestnut Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Rosewood Hair Dye - Radiant Light Red Brown Natural Hair Dye
Rosewood - Radiant Light Red Brown
SHADE 6/44
5 for £53
Water Colour ppd free hair dye - Radiant Copper Red Natural Hair Colour
Radiant Copper Red
SHADE 6/66
5 for £53
Water Colour Ammonia free hair dye - Neutral Ash Brown Natural Hair Colour
Neutral Ash Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Oak Hair Dye - Natural Brown Natural Hair Dye
Oak - Natural Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Hair Colour - Natural Warm Brown Hair Dye
Natural Warm Brown
5 for £53
Ammonia Free Water Colour Hair Dye - Maple Rich Red Brown Hair Dye
Maple - Rich Red Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Mahogany Hair Dye - Radiant Red Brown Hair Dye
Mahogany - Radiant Red Brown
SHADE 5/45 (5.46)
5 for £53
Water Colour Natural Chestnut Brown Hair Colour - PPD free hair dye
Chestnut Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour - Walnut - Natural Dark Brown Hair Dye
Walnut - Natural Dark Brown
5 for £53
Natural Darker Brown Water Colour Hair Dye - Natural dark brown hair dye
Natural Darker Brown
5 for £53
Warm Darker Brown Water Colour Hair Dye - PPD Free hair dye UK
Warm Darker Brown
5 for £53
Chestnut Darker Brown Hair Dye Water Colour Hair Colour
Chestnut Darker Brown
5 for £53
Radiant Bordeaux Dark Brown Hair Dye – Water Colour | Gentle Hair Dye
Radiant Bordeaux Darkest Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Hair Colour Natural Darkest Brown Hair Dye
Natural Darkest Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Ebony Hair Dye - Super Dark Brown Hair Dye UK
Ebony - Super Dark Brown
5 for £53
Water Colour Hair Dye Applicator Bottle - Gentle Hair Dye Accessories
Water Colour Applicator Bottle
$0.68    more info...
Black Tint Bowl - Gentle Hair Dye Accessories
Tint Bowl (Black)
$4.39    more info...
Black Long Tail Tint Brush - Gentle Hair Dying Accessories
Long Tail Tint Brush (Black)
$3.04    more info...
Straw eco friendly reusable tint bowl - Gentle Hair Dying Accessories
Eco Tint Bowl (Straw)
$6.68    more info...
Eco Friendly Straw Tint Brush - Gentle Hair Colouring Accessories
Eco Tint Brush (Straw)
$3.98    more info...

In more detail...

Water Colour hair colour was developed to be kind to the hair and produce natural looking hair colour, capable of up to 100% grey coverage yet without the use of damaging chemicals. It helps you achieve a beautiful natural hair colour that is free from ammonia, alcohol, resorcinol, perfume, bleaching agents or p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).

Usage Instructions are included with your order, and explain how to use Water Colour hair dye to achieve your choice of permanence - from semi-permanent right through to a quasi-permanent colour, lasting up to 28 washes.

One mixer bottle is included with each order, but this can be re-used. Choose to re-use your old bottle, and you'll save 50p on your order. We also include plastic hats and gloves, which you can opt out of after checkout if you have your own reusable ones.

Please note - the Ash Water Colour shades: 9/1, 8/1, 7/1, 6/1 and 5/1 - are great for reducing 'brassy' tones in hair; they will help to tone down coppers, reds or golds. They give a more subtle coverage over grey hair than any of the other shades, so if your hair is quite resistant to hair dye they may not be suitable.

Questions & Answers

How do I do a patch test?

Even if you have used Water Colour hair dye before, you must carry out a patch test every time you use it. Here is how you do a patch test using Water Colour hair dye:

1. Take a tiny pinch of Water Colour hair dye powder from the vial and mix it with a drop of warm water on a saucer. Reseal the vial immediately. Do not allow the remaining powder to get wet.

2. Wash a small area of skin inside your elbow and dry gently but thoroughly. Apply a drop of the Water Colour mixture to the area with a cotton bud and allow to dry. Do not wash off for AT LEAST 48 hours (Please be aware that in some cases the skin sensitivity/allergy test can take longer to react – up to a week for some people).

3. If during this period you experience any irritation, redness, swelling or burning, wash off immediately. It is likely you are allergic to an ingredient in this product and should not use it.

How do I apply Water Colour hair dye?

Simply add warm water, shake and apply.

Water Colour natural hair colours can be used as a Semi, Demi, or Permanent hair colour by adjusting your application of the hair colour (shown below).

  • Semi-permanent: Apply to damp hair. (Lasts up to 8 washes. No grey coverage).
  • Demi-permanent: Apply to well towel-dried hair. (Lasts up to 12 washes and covers up to 50% grey).
  • Quasi-Permanent: Apply to dry hair. (Creates a more permanent tint which lasts 18 washes or more and colours up to 100% grey).

Full instructions are included with every order, or you can click here to download the instruction leaflet.

How do I apply to regrowth?

1. Wearing the gloves provided, apply the Water Colour mousse to the roots of your hair at approximately 1.5cm intervals to the root area only.

2. Pile your hair on top of your head and put on the cap, securing it to prevent any dripping.

3. Stay in a warm environment ensuring the solution does not dry out under the cap.

4. Follow the timing table for the colour depth you require.

5. If the colour on the rest of your hair has faded and needs refreshing, reserve the remaining Water Colour mousse for the ends. 10 minutes before the end of the colouring process remove the cap and quickly distribute the remainder of the foam evenly through your hair, massaging it to the ends ensuring it is covered evenly. Replace the cap over your hair.

6. Rinse the colour from your hair until the water runs clear. Shampoo your hair using your usual shampoo and rinse thoroughly again. Apply your usual conditioner and leave in for at least one minute to restore the pH balance; rinse and style as normal.

How many vials of Water Colour will I need?

We cannot give you an exact answer as this will always depend on how long or thick your hair is.

If your hair is of average thickness and about shoulder length, you will usually need 1 vial of Water Colour. For longer or thicker hair you may need 2 or even 3 vials.

If you are applying to your roots only you may get 1 or 2 applications.

Tip: For the most efficient and economical way to apply - squeeze the required amount of Water Colour hair colour into a non-metallic bowl and apply with a hairdressers tint brush, this will help with application and make the colour go further.

You may be interested in our Hair Colouring Accessories.

How long does the colour last on the hair?

Water Colour can be used as a Semi, Demi or Quasi-Permanent hair dye

  • Semi-permanent: Applied to towel-dried hair for 30 minutes it can last up to approximately 8 washes with no grey coverage.
  • Demi-permanent: Applied to well towel-dried hair for 45 minutes it can last up to approximately 12 washes with subtle grey coverage.
  • Quasi-permanent: Applied to dry hair for between 1 hour and 1 hr 20 minutes it can colour up to 100% grey. With this method it can be completely permanent and last up to approximately 18+ washes (3-6 weeks or more) but as with all natural hair dyes is likely to fade gradually over time. However, please be aware that if you use this method too often on pre-dyed hair the colour can build up, become too dark and lose the ability to fade, which is why we recommend the regrowth application method if you only need to cover your roots.

The above is a guide only – the results may be affected by the condition of your hair and any previous treatments.

What are the ingredients in Water Colour hair dye?

Each shade of Water Colour hair dye is made from the same blend of active powder base with different proportions of pigment to formulate each individual shade. The following ingredients form the base of all shades: Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcostinate, Silica, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Sulphate, Xanthan Gum.

The nine ingredients for the dye pigments are: p-toluene diamine sulphate – PTDS, m-amino phenol sulphate, 2.4 diaminophenoxyethanol hcl, p-aminophenol sulphate, 4-amino 2 hydroxytoluene sulphate, 4-amino -m-creosol, 2-amino 6-chloro -4-nitrophenol, 2-methyl-5-hydroxyethylaminophenol, 4.5 diamino-1-(2-hydroxyethyl) pyrazole sulphate.

Click here for a more detailed look at the ingredients in Water Colour

How many applicators will I receive with my Water Colour order?

Your order will include one pair of polythene gloves and one polythene hat per colour and ONE reusable applicator bottle with nozzle per order - *unless you remove it*

*Our special applicator bottles can easily be rinsed and re-used for many years, so if you already have one and don’t require a new one, you can remove it from your order under 'Eco Options' at the checkout (and get 50p off!).

If you wish to add extra applicator bottles they can be found at the bottom of the Water Colour shade chart for £0.50 each.

What is the shelf-life of Water Colour powder?

Water Colour powder when stored correctly can last for many years. However it is best to use within two years of purchase if you can, to minimise the chance of it spoiling.

The last two numbers on the batch number (BN) are the year of manufacture.

It is important to store them somewhere dry, and ideally also cool and dark like a drawer or cupboard (do not store in the bathroom). Check the lids are on tight as this will help to prevent moisture getting in.

The dye should look powdery - if it looks granular then it has probably spoiled and may not work.

Very quick and easy to use. Brilliant coverage of grey. Delighted with natural look. Makes me feel much younger! Thank you !
Reviewed by Anthea C on 02/07/2024
I am a new user to the Water Colour Dye. Trying to get the best coverage on very stubborn grey hair. What I like about this Company is when you ring you get a very knowledgeable and helpful lady, whom is morethan happy to guide you in the right direction. Product is very good for sensative skin. Thank you.
Reviewed by Mrs Jander D on 02/07/2024
A great result from a first use. It covered the over use of henna on previous occasions and also other patches of hair that had been missed entirely, the colour was actually that of my natural colour and I was - and remain - delighted. There was no irritation or adverse reaction of any sort. A lovely and - for me - a very much needed product. Lorraine
Reviewed by Lorraine B on 22/06/2024
Beautiful colour, really pleased with result and easy to apply, hair is in really good condition since I've been using this dye. Highly recommend it.
Reviewed by Lovisa W on 22/06/2024
Have been using no 8 now for about 5 years gaves good coverage and lasts a good 6weeks pleased with this product
Reviewed by Ursula D on 17/06/2024
I have been using gentle hair dye for about a year now. My hair is in great condition and the colour fades very gradually, so I don't have noticeable grey roots.
Reviewed by Mary M on 17/06/2024
The original and best. Used successfully for 20 years!
Reviewed by Maureen T on 10/06/2024
excellent product i have used gentle water colour hair dye for years, i am very sensitive to all other hair dyes and highly praise customer service too i reccomend water colour to all my friends and my husbands carers and they are so glad i did everyone happy with this product 10 stars service
Reviewed by Ellen C on 06/06/2024
I have been using this product for years using it once a month to keep my hair in tip top condition.
Reviewed by Kathrine M on 18/05/2024
I started going grey when I was 18. I was a slave to touch-ups for decades. Leaving my salon, my hair color always looked beautiful. However, once out of the salon, after the 1st wash, I never liked the artificial chemical coloring. Despite a wonderful salon and great products, I could see the damage the coloring with chemicals was doing to my hair. Ten years ago I had ENOUGH. I scoured the internet looking for an answer and came across Gentle Hair Dye. I made my first order. I walked into my bathroom, and cut my long hair down to my knuckles! The product arrived. I immediately LOVED the natural color! Ofcourse, I had butchered my hair by cutting it myself -- so I had to wear cute hats all winter until it grew a bit. By spring my new hair (color) was fabulous. I've never used any other product since! Thx for such a great quality product!
Reviewed by Sofviea A on 03/05/2024
Lovely Watercolours, kind to your hair, beautiful colours, leaving it in better condition than it was. Excellent service, speedy delivery and the website is easy to use.
Reviewed by A D on 18/04/2024
I swear by GentleHairDye ... Their water based colour is absolutely brilliant!
Reviewed by Bev D on 17/04/2024
Absolutely love your hair dye. Its exactly what I had been looking for!
Reviewed by Patrizia S on 25/03/2024
This is just the best hair dye - it's so gentle and soft and natural and I'd recommend it to anyone.
Reviewed by Fanny J on 20/03/2024
I have been using these dyes since 2015 after suffering an allergic reactions from the shop bought chemical ones. I do also mix my colours from time to time. I have recommended to many and will continue to do so. Great product, my hair is so thick and health. Why would you not want the best for your hair?
Reviewed by Yvonne H on 18/03/2024
First time I have used this product very pleased with it
Reviewed by Lilian B on 14/03/2024
Love this product, easy to apply, also that it fades evenly and gently instead of usual dyes that grow out and show grey roots. Been buying it nearly 10 years. Will continue to buy it.
Reviewed by Linda S on 13/03/2024
Very good hair colour in beautiful shades, and it is natural.
Reviewed by Jess S on 02/03/2024
I started using this hair colourant in 2001 and have used it ever since. Previous products left my hair feeling like straw and were harsh and single coloured. As I have developed more grey I have used various colours. I still have quite a lot of brown despite my 74 years (it runs in the family) but I love the way the grey shows through as blonde giving a natural look. It can look a bit dark and single colour for a week or so but soon fades down to a natural look. I can't recommend these dyes strongly enough! Love them!!
Reviewed by Carrie P on 28/02/2024
Been using gentle hair dye (water colour) for years now - when started to go grey my natural colour was a very dark brown , almost black. Used to use the darkest brown colour but due to advancing years (am 79 now) have been gradually going to a lighter shade of brown . Don't like any red tones or brassiness so currently mixing neutral ash brown with natural dark brown. Staff always been extremely helpful when ever have contacted company for advice.
Reviewed by Elaine O on 28/02/2024

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