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Oiamiga permanent hair dye colours

Oiamiga Permanent Hair Dye

Oiamiga is an exciting range of 15 vibrant shades for permanent hair colour in record time thanks to its new Rapid Activator.

Packed with natural and organic ingredients, Oiamiga hair dyes are produced by a British company putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do, with B Corp, Cruelty Free and Vegan certifications to prove it!

Oiamiga permanent hair dyes include pre and post colour treatments to ensure a fabulous result in as little as 20 minutes.

In Brief...

  • 15 vibrant, on-trend shades
  • Quick and easy - as little as 20 minutes
  • Packed with plant extracts
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging

Colour Chart

Oiamiga is a gentle colour range that can be used for darkening, tinting or grey coverage. You can lighten un-dyed hair by one base shade, sometimes two. If you want to use a significantly lighter shade, you'll need to pre-lighten.

Your hair type:
Dry or Damaged
Curly or Frizzy
Fine or Thinning
Scalp care & Dandruff
Oiamiga Permanent Silver Blonde Hair Dye
Silver Blonde Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Pearl Blonde Hair Dye
Pearl Blonde Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Beige Blonde Hair Dye
Beige Blonde Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Tangerine Hair Dye - Orange Hair Dye
Tangerine Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Light Denim Hair Dye - Light Blue Hair Dye
Light Denim Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Natural Blonde Hair Dye
Natural Blonde Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Deep Caramel Hair Dye
Deep Caramel Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Raspberry Hair Dye
Raspberry Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Light Brown Permanent Hair Dye
Light Brown Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Chocolate Brown Hair Dye
Chocolate Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Plum Hair Dye - Purple Permanent Hair Dye
Plum Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Medium Brown Permanent Hair Dye
Medium Brown Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamiga Permanent Dark Denim Blue Black Hair Dye
Dark Denim Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
Oiamgia Darkest Brown Permanent Hair Dye
Darkest Brown Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...
oiamiga jet black permanent hair dye
Jet Black Hair Dye
$13.49    more info...

More info

Oiamiga is a stunning range of vibrant, permanent hair colours. Packed with natural ingredients, it is skillfully blended here in the UK to ensure great results without harsh chemicals.

Not only is it gentle yet effective, it's a brand that doesn't compromise on ethics. With b-Corp certification, you can rest assured that Oiamiga hair dye is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Packaging is not only fully recyclable, it's also made from recycled materials.

With a range of 15 permanent hair colours that cover rich, natural blondes and browns as well as vibrant trend shades, there's something for everyone. You can even mix Oiamiga's colours at home, to create the perfect shade for you!

Questions & Answers

How do I apply Oiamiga hair colour?

1. Shampoo and rinse throughly

The included charcoal pre-colour shampoo helps remove product build-up to prepare your hair for fabulous results.

2. Mix and Apply

Tip the colour into the rapid activator and shake, before applying to towel-dried hair. Oiamiga works best on slightly damp hair.

3. Wait

The rapid activator can shave 20 minutes off your colour's processing time.

Looking for full coverage? Wait between 30 and 40 minutes (depending on how stubborn your greys are) for maximum coverage, high colour integrity and the longest lasting colour.

Want to naturally blend your greys? In that case, 20 minutes should do the trick (and is also the perfect length for a beard or moustache).

4. Rinse and Condition

Add a bit of water to lather, then rinse until the water runs clear. Squeeze out excess water, then use the included conditioner to lock in your colour

How do I do a patch test?

You should always patch test at least 48 hours prior to using Oiamiga hair dye - even if it is a brand you have used before. To patch test with Oiamiga:

  1. Unscrew the lid from the colour bottle, take a cotton bud and dip it into the liquid, then rest on a saucer. Replace lid securely. Using a second cotton bud, repeat with the Rapid Activator.
  2. Mix the two liquids together on the saucer, then use a cotton bud to apply a small sot on the inside of your elbow.
  3. Do not wash off for at least 48 hours - or up to a week if you've previously had an allergic reaction to another hair dye.

If you experience any irritation, redness, swelling or burning, it is likely you are allergic to an ingredient in Oiamiga permanent hair dye and should not use it. If this happens, please contact us and we will help you to find a more suitable product.

How many packs will I need?

The Oiamiga mix is quite generous, so unless you have long hair (below your shoulder blades) or very thick hair, one box should be ample.

Is Oiamiga ok for beards and moustaches?

Oiamiga is a really versatile colour that can be used on any hair. For a subtler, less coloured look, as little as 10 minutes can be effective on facial hair.

What's so special about the Rapid Activator?

Oiamiga's innovative Rapid Activator ensures a faster processing time with stronger colours that last longer. Over time, you'll discover the best timings for you, but typical timings are:

  • Just 15 minutes if you have finer hair.
  • For stubborn grey, thick or coarse hair, you're likely to need 30 minutes, but will still enjoy better colour intensity and less fading.
  • Super stubborn greys? Go for a full 40 minutes for the best coverage.
  • Beard or moustache? These often benefit from a more 'uncoloured' look - you might find as little as 10 minutes works best.
Can I lighten my hair with Oiamiga?

On natural hair, Oiamiga can lift one or maybe two shades. However, if you're colouring over pre-coloured hair, you need to choose a shade that is the same depth of colour or darker.

What are the ingredients in Oiamiga?

The ingredients vary for each shade, so check out the page for the shade you're interested in, where you will find a full ingredient list.

We've also provide a detailed run down of what the ingredients are in this FAQ post.

Does Oiamiga contain PPD?

Permanent hair colour requires a permanent oxidative pigment to work - be it PPD, PTD, PTDS or PTS - and all of these have the potential to cause an allergic reaction. Oiamiga uses PPD at the lowest possible level to get a great result, which reduces the risk of a reaction.

If you have a known PPD allergy, we'd recommend you contact us - we'd be very happy to help you choose from the other brands we stock.

How long does Oiamiga colour last?

Oiamiga is a permanent hair colour. With the longevity benefits from it's Rapid Activator, we'd expect it to last up to 12 weeks, depending of course on a variety of factors such as your hair health, frequency of washing and your preferred shampoo.

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